Kouken Okadome’s biography

1934: Born in Fukuoka, Fukuoka Pref. Japan.
Taken at the graduation from Prefectural Fukuoka high school.
; With Tennis Championship trophies.

1956 -1957: Member of Davis Cup Tennis, Japan Team.
Davis Cup Japan Team,1957. 2nd from right.

Tennis match scenery.

B.A. Keio University. Graduated in 1957.
Joined Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (JAL) as a ground staff.
After 5 years, changed the status to the cockpit crew based on my strong desire.
Flight time as a Captain: 14,000 hours, approx.17,000 hours in total as a pilot.

In front of Jumbo jet before flight.

For approximately 30 years, working for the promotion of UNICEF through JAL.

Former Councillor, The Japan Committee for UNICEF.

Former Trustee, Dreaming Child Fund.

In 1987, for the purpose of supporting UNICEF, JAL organized the concert of “World Philharmonic Orchestra” in Tokyo.

Photo; In the cockpit with Audrey Hepburn who made a lovely speech for the children of UNICEF at this event in Tokyo. I sent her off to London airport.
I told her one of my dreams that all aircrafts of Japan Airlines may fly around the world bearing the UNICEF marks, which made her very much pleased.
After this event, Audrey Hepburn became an UNICEF goodwill ambassador (1989).

All aircrafts of Japan Airlines carried the UNICEF mark. I am delighted to show the bonds between UNICEF and Japan Airlines.

On behalf of the children of UNICEF, James. P. Grant, tolerant Executive Director of UNICEF, wrote me a heartfelt letter, while he was in bed fighting his cancer, which I received at JAL head office by personal delivery.
This letter makes me most pleased than any honorable certificate I have ever received.

Middle of photo; The president of JAL who called me “Comrade” and had been supporting my UNICEF activities for many years.

Climbed Mt. Everest utilizing no oxygen tanks up to 8000m.
Photo; At South Col of Mt. Everest alone, feeling lonely as if I were left on the moon.

Why do people climb high mountains? Being isolated from all living creatures at South Col of Mt. Everest, it strongly came to my mind that “there is an instinct in life forms to try to expand the biosphere from the bottom of the sea to the highest mountain in solidarity.”

Photo; Mt. Everest at 7300m.

Photo; In the Silence Valley of Mt. Everest.

When I retired; In the Captain’s seat. The sky has given me a splendid and a happy life.

Famous Mt. Fujiyama.

Currently residing in Hokuto, Yamanashi Pref. surrounded by beautiful mountains.
Photos: As seen through the room windows of our house.

Nature is a form of circulation.
Our happiness lies in circulation of water, the greens and all living creatures. Life is the circulation itself. Anything good for life looks beautiful.

Mt. Kai-Komagatake.

Mt. Houou.

Mt. Yatsugatake.